39th Annual Lakewood Home Tour

I was approached by the fine people at LECPTA over this past summer to see if I was interested in creating this year’s cover art for their Lakewood Home Tour brochure. Loving all things Lakewood, I jumped at the chance. After brainstorming on ideas how we can portrait what it means and what it feels […]

Maximum Damage and Godzilla

I have a few friends who end up going to the Annual Maui Channel Swim out in Hawaii and for the last 3 years, I’ve helped with their t-shirt designs. They’re usually fun and loud designs and this year was no different. The idea was to use some sort of Godzilla graphics playing on the […]

War Room Murals at Smoke The Restaurant

This past weekend, I had the pleasure to visit and old high school friend’s new restaurant, Smoke The Restaurant in San Antonio. It’s a new take on BBQ from Chef Brian West. The food is fantastic. If you’re in San Antonio, I urge you to go have diner or lunch there. You won’t be disappointed. […]

4th Annual Swim Across America — Dallas

For those who do not know, Swim Across America is a national organization dedicated to fight cancer. Open water swims (or races) are organized through the country from Boston to San Francisco, all raising much needed funds to fight and “make waves” against cancer. Each city has an specific beneficiary and Dallas has been part […]

Old Red Courthouse

Now a museum, the Old Red Dallas County Courthouse is an impressive red brick structure built in 1892 and designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style by Max A. Orlopp Jr. On December 12, 1976 the National Register of Historic Places added Old Red to its list of historic buildings.

Find Us On Etsy

We have some great news about our website. Soon, we will have a fully functioning e-commerce site for you browse around, and shop! Shopping, Dallas’ favorite past time. In the meantime, head over to Etsy and find us there.  

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Built over the Trinity River in Dallas, TX, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge connects downtown Dallas with West Dallas. Designed by the famous spaniard architect, Santiago Calatrava, the cable-stayed bridge measures 1,870 feet (570 m) in length, with a main-span of 1,197 feet (365 m), and an apex-height of 400 feet (122 m). It is quickly becoming one of the cities […]